Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Once development is complete, it’s time to get your product in the hands of your customers.

Specification Development: You’ll need to develop a detailed specification for a successful handoff to manufacturing and logistics teams.

Manufacturing: We can help you find manufacturing partners for the first prototype and full production, tailored to match the growth and needs of your product/service.

Vendor Relationships: Beyond manufacturing partners, your other key vendors may include mobile operators (like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon or their equivalents around the globe) and key component suppliers. Establishing manufacturing, service, storage and analytics partnerships can determine the success of your product and, demonstrate your value to the industry and potential exit partners (expansion, investment, acquisition).

Quality Assurance / Quality Engineering: You’ll need processes and planning in place to ensure that your customer receives a quality product.

Logistics: Creating the right supply chain – including warranty planning, reverse logistics and support – is critical to ensure your customers can buy where, when and how they need to.