Hardware Development

It’s not called “easyware”! Hardware can be tough. Our team has shipped tens of millions of devices. We know how to get your hardware built.

Electronics Design: If you want your device to connect to an existing mobile carrier network, you need a team that has been vetted by companies like AT&T. Our electronics system partners are world class.

Mechanical Design: Poor mechanical design can lead to in-field failures and unhappy customers. We work with teams that are used to designing under tough constraints, from small form factors to military specifications.

Industrial Design: Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but why make a thing if it’s not beautiful? But your designer needs to understand mechanical constraints, be able to work with the electronics design team and still create something worth looking at.

Testing: Depending on your device, you may need a wide range of mechanical and electrical testing. From shock, moisture and dust resistance to Electrostatic discharge and SAR, we’ll help you identify what’s needed.

Certification: From FCC to Carrier approval, we work with A2LA Accredited laboratories to guide your product through the certification process. This includes working on standards that are being developed, in the US and overseas markets, as well as navigating the overlap with other agencies such as FDA and FAA for medical and aerospace.