Project & Program Management

Like any project, IoT requires detailed project and program management. We prefer to use agile tools like Asana, coupled with traditional tools like Gantt charts and Milestones.

Project Scoping: Every project starts with a detailed scope that aims to uncover the details of what is required to create a successful product.

Partner Coordination: IoT projects require many different skills, and that means working with multiple partners. Ensuring a ready flow of project data between partners is critical.

Milestone Management: Every project needs milestones, but they need to be achievable, measurable and clearly defined. Too many milestones and everyone wastes time with paperwork. Too few and you’ll have no real visibility as to your project’s status.

Budget & Costing Management: Budgeting and costing can quickly become very complex. Partners and contractors must be kept on track. Allowances must be made for unexpected cost overruns due to design changes or other factors. And component pricing for hardware can vary dramatically based on initial order quantity, expected lifetime quantity, lead times, order timing and many other parameters. From our years of experience working with major brands, we can quickly estimate costs, including short run versus production price and year over year component price declines.

Roadmapping: Planning for your next product phase begins long before you launch. Roadmapping can help reduce ongoing costs for hardware design, prepare for end of life component issues, and enable a better products.