Software Development

Just as software people underestimate hardware, hardware people often underestimate software. It’s the glue that makes your device and customer experience work.

System Architecture: Our experts have designed systems for everyone from tiny startups to major corporations like Dell, Intel and Intuit.

Scalability: Will your system scale to handle the number of users you expect? Have you left enough headroom in your architecture to allow for success?

Software Development: We work with a variety of on-shore and off-shore resources to deliver the best engineers for the job. From Embedded Software, to Backend Systems (web services) and mobile/web apps, we can build whatever your project requires.

Testing & Documentation: Both are critical to success. We use agile, test-driven development practices and insist on detailed documentation for all our projects.

Deployment & Maintenance: You’re system has been built, but the work doesn’t stop there. Deployment and maintenance planning and execution is critical.