User Experience

The User Experience (UX) is arguably the most critical component in any IoT project. An otherwise perfectly executed product with a poor User Experience will still fail in the marketplace.

Physical Experience: How will your customer interact with the physical device? What are their expectations for how they will use it? How long does the battery need to last? How robust does it need to be? Have you mapped out every step of how the customer will use your product?

Digital Experience: If there is a digital component to the product, such as a mobile app or a website, how will the customer interact with it? What is the value of the digital experience? Can the customer still use your product without it? What about privacy and data security?

Customer Journey: When a customer invests time and money in a product, they begin a journey. What does your customer’s journey look like? How does their interaction with your product evolve and change over time? What motivates the customer to keep using your product?

Purpose & Features: This is usually where people start when designing a product. It’s critical to identify your product’s purpose and features, but make sure they fit with the experience you are trying to create.